About Us

The Leuthold Group was founded in 1981 by industry veteran Steve Leuthold. We are an independent firm that produces financial research for the institutional marketplace; our approach is disciplined, quantitative, and contrarian, conducted by a team of six analysts, led by CIO Doug Ramsey. Our proprietary research includes commentary on the stock market and the economy, bond market observations, equity strategies, overall asset mix tactics, and examination of a wide range of industry-related subject matter of timely interest. We are known for our technical and quantitative approach, broad sector and industry group analysis, and intrinsic valuation studies.

Our proprietary databases enable us to do historical studies not found at any other shop on or off Wall Street. In addition, our models are backed by the confidence gained from years of testing with real money in the real world. We pride ourselves on providing clients unique insights and perspectives.

The Leuthold Group, LLC, is majority employee-owned and independent.